International projects 2003-2019

MEDART –Training course                                                                                European Commission Erasmus+ (December 2018). Partners: Iceland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Slovakia, Estonia.

Values in Action – Methods Exchange                                                           European Commission Erasmus+  (March 2018). Partners: Iceland, Poland.

HIT: Heroes of Inclusion and Transformation                                       (Hero´s Journey)                                                                                               European Commission Erasmus+ (Sept. 2017 – August 2019). Partners: Iceland, Slovakia,Czech Republic, Austria, Serbia, Spain.

PASI – Performing Arts for Social Inclusion                                         European Erasmus+ Youth (Sept. 2017). Partners: Iceland, Italy, France, Slovenia. Kroatia, Bulgaria, Poland.

Engaging Socially Disadvantaged Groups into Cultural Life in Slovakia                                                                                                                       EEA grants (Oct. 2015 – Apr. 2016). Partners: Iceland, Norway, Slovakia.

Theater against Youth Homelessness                                                         European Commission Erasmus+ Youth (Jan. 2017). Partners: Iceland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Spain, Italy.

Theater of the Oppressed                                                                                        EEA grants (Sept. 2013 – June 2014). Partners: Iceland, Slovakia.

BASICS – Bibliodrama as a way of intercultural learning for adults       European Commission, Grundtvig Multilateral (Oct. 2011 – Sept. 2013). Partners: Iceland, Polland, Hungary, Turkey, Israel.

Horizons                                                                                                           European Commission, Grundtvig (Oct. 2011). Partners: Iceland, Germany, Spain.

Project Hope Volunteer Work                                                                           Project Hope Foundation, Association Iceland-Palestine. (June, 2009). Partners: Iceland, Canada, Palestine.

Ord i Nord                                                                                                           Nordic Cooperation, Nordplus Voksen (2003-2005). Partners: Iceland, Danmark, Norway, Sweden.

I Nomos                                                                                                                                     Nordic Cooperation (1996-1997). Partners: Iceland, Norway, Sweden.