Björg Árnadóttir

About Björg

Björg Árnadóttir is a writer and journalist as well as an educator in the fields of creative writing and art. She holds an MA in creative arts education studies from the University of Iceland but also has a background in various other forms of study.

Since the 1980s, she has worked in media production, creative writing, education, and the management of educational institutions – along with other undertakings. Björg has taken part in several domestic and international community art projects and overseen the formulation of social educational resources in Iceland.

She is a member of the Writer’s Union of Iceland and an in-house member of the ReykjavíkurAkademían, where she oversaw the planning of COMMON GOOD: Dialogue on Community Art

Björg also runs her own educational company: Stílvopnið – Creativity and Empowerment .

She communicates in the Icelandic, English and Swedish languages and gives workshops in Creative writing, Memoirs, Writing the Hero‘s Journey‘s way, Creative non-fiction, Writing methodology, Creativity and Sociometry (Creating safe spaces).

Contact information: | Mobile: +(354) 899 6917.